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What Is Global Warming

When the earth temperature rises due to greenhouse gases, it is known as global warming. The people all over the world are worried about global warming as it is a serious environmental issue.

By trapping the suns heat and rise in the carbon dioxide as well as other greenhouse gases, the surface of the earth is becoming hotter day by day. Global warming is dangerous because one day it will be the leading cause of reducing life possibilities.

The Reason For Increasing Greenhouse Gases

Sometimes the greenhouse gases are produced naturally whereas many time it is produced by human activities. As technology increased, there is the demand for industrialization which releases many of the greenhouse gas at a time. Also, the use of many energies led to an increase in temperature.

The primary cause is the rise in carbon dioxide CO2  and Sulphur dioxide SO2 gas.  As the population is increasing the gas is also growing daily by exhaling out the CO2 and even in the process of photosynthesis. The growth in industrialization gives out the harmful gases.

When the anaerobic substance gets decompose in the surrounding, it gives out the Methane gas which is hugely responsible for global warming. The nitrogen oxide, halocarbon, chlorofluorocarbons,  the compounds of chlorine and bromine, sulfur oxide, methane, along with the carbon dioxide becomes the greenhouse gases.

These gases absorb the heat radiation causing warming of the earth surface, in short, we can say that the above gas disturbs the radiative balance of the atmosphere which rises as global warming.

There is a layer which is called the Ozone layer. These rays protect the earth surface by receiving direct harmful rays of the sun but day by day the layer is declining, and so the harmful rays of the sun are entering into the earth and here absorbed by the greenhouse gases which give rise to the global warming

The reason for the depletion of the ozone layer is chlorofluorocarbon which is used as a cooling agent in the refrigerator and air conditioner.

Effect Of Global Warming

There were about 150 glaciers in the Montanas glacier national park, but due to global warming, there are only 25 glaciers whereas others got melt. The climate changes are making hurricanes.

Due to global warming, the year 2012 and 2013 were recorded as the hottest year since 1895. Global warming give rise to the summer also the pattern of the circulation of the air gets changed. In recent year, we have seen the rain without a season,  cyclones, etc.


There is much human activity which causes rising global warming. Human should reduce the use of air conditioner and refrigerator and should depend upon the natural air and coolness.

Many NGOs are working and giving free education to everyone to reduce greenhouse gases. We should use solar energy instead of using electrical power. Instead of using private vehicle one should use public transport to avoid the burning and causing air pollution. One should also make less use of electrical based devices.

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