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The measurements of temperature taken in all over the by instruments, on the land, and at sea. In the earth’s surface temperature, the global warming rise in a slow and steadily.

What Are The Effects Of Global Warming

By human activities Global warming occurs due to the gradual heating of the surface of the earth, oceans and also the atmosphere, mainly the burning of fossil fuels which pump the carbon dioxide (CO2), methane and other gasses of the greenhouse.

Following are the changes caused by global warming

Extreme Temperatures And Also Increase In Average In Average Temperatures  

This is one of the obvious immediate effects of global warming all around the world.  1.4 degrees Fahrenheit (0.8 degree Celsius) from the previous 100 years has been increasing in the average temperature of global warming, and this is accorded by NOAA i.e.

The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration. According to NASA, since 2001, the 16 of the 17 warmest years have happened on record.

Extreme Change In Climates 

It is another effect of global warming. Other than cold or heat extremes to which global warming may lead to extreme weather. For instance, change in hurricane formation.

The model of climate will foresight the climate pattern will be caused by global warming worldwide to experience an important change. Due to these changes will lead to include major shifts in the pattern of wind, variation in seasonal temperature and annual precipitation.

Melting Of ICE 

Climate change so far is melted because it is one of the primary manifestations. Less snow cover between 1960 and 2015, this melting of ice was seen by Europe, North America, as well as Asia. The reduction in Arctic sea ice was one of the most dramatic effects of global warming.

Ocean And Level Of Sea Acidification

When the ice starts to melt, sea level starts to increase it is general. According to EPA, since 1870, about 8 inches the global sea levels have been risen/ increase and this rate of increase/ rise is expected to accelerate in the coming next years.

Animals And Plants 

On the earth’s ecosystems, there is an expectation of propounding and widespread due to the effects of global warming.

Many of various species of plants and animals are moving to the range of higher altitude or towards the northward by this it results in warming temperatures, from a report of National Academy of Science accordingly.

 What Are The Advantages Of Global Warming 

There are some of the advantages of global warming they could include:

From occurring, the next/ coming ice age may be prevented.

To warm cold places it takes less amount of energy.

Due to cold weather, fewer injuries, as well as death, occurs.

Increase in agricultural production in the local area it could mean by the longer growing season.

Some of the regions of the earth may experience more growth in plants and also milder climates, such regions are the Arctic, Siberia, Antarctic and other frozen regions of the earth.

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