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If we talk about the Indian girls we all know that they are so strong that they can fight all by themselves. There is no need of any mail support to them they are very well self-independent and strong to fight their own fight.

History of Indian Girls

As an Indian, we all know what the condition of girls was in our past. When they were not treated as equal as men because the men were strong and the woman’s always considered weaker.

Good or bad whatever the reason was treating women like that. We cannot justify it for any reason and if we don’t respect woman’s there would be no future of men also.

Slowly and study the woman’s understood the importance of their involvement and they started getting involved in the activities in which the men were only allowed to be involved.

As a result, the men were lacking behind and the woman was doing greater compared to the man.

Great Indian Women Leaders

Like the Indian, we all know that there are so many great women as a leader. We have even today if we talk about the history there were so many great leaders who showed that even girls can fight for their country and helps into the independence of it.

Because of these great leaders the other girls were also inspired and join this fight against the Britishers. If we talk about the great leaders there will be so many names to be taken but we can’t even add all those names right now.

we will just talk about the few most commonly known female leads one of them is Rani Lakshmibai who was also known as Jhansi Ki Rani. She was one of the leaders who fought against the British.

A show the girl empowerment and even today the Britishers Speak about her with full respect there are more female leaders who showed us that the girls are not only powerful but also a great fighter.

Today’s Young Girls

Now if we talk about today’s generation today we are living in a generation where a boy and a girl are equal. There is nowhere where the girls are behind the boys.

Well yes if we talk about a successful man we always talk about the successful woman behind him. But as we all know that if the woman wouldn’t be there behind the man could not be successful.

It is the life cycle that God has given to us and we should always respect it. Today girls are having all the opportunities similar to the boys and in some places even better opportunities than the boys.

Well, it is very much equal to the girls by having a few extra facilities than boys because in the past years the problems which girls have faced boys were never near to it.

So if girls are getting some extra benefits it’s never wrong and we should accept it that they have earned it by their hard work and dedication.

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