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Gender equality is an important term and also please and significant role in the development of the country it is a property in which the male and female are treated equally and also given equal opportunities in participation in any developmental process or taking decisions for their life.

Gender equality also referred to non-discrimination between gender or sex that is they are considered as a human being and not by gender. Gender equality also means gender neutrality which means the gender is neutral in which there is no difference between a male and a female both are same. Early at the view among the females were like they were very weak then the males and they were stronger than female, and they can do any work which a female cannot do.


In the olden days there was a huge problem of gender inequality in which the males and females were treated unequally there were many rights given to the male and many regulations were put on the females. Earlier emails were known as the owner of the family and the person who is going to develop their family, but on the other hand, the females were taken as a burden on the family as they are not going to earn in their future.

The dowry system played an important role in creating the gender inequality among the people as when a girl was born it was taken as a burden as they have to pay a huge amount or fulfill the demands of the broom during the marriage. But there were many rights given to the women in modern time to create equality between two genders. Nowadays both the genders are treated equally and also there are various right given to each of them, and mostly there are various unique rides available for the females, and there are also very reserved places in each vehicle for women


Gender equality please and vital role in the development of the lifestyle of the women’s as now they are free for doing many things and also they have no pressure from their family for doing any work. Gender equality also helps in the development of the country as males and females work together for the development of the country and which forms various variations in the work. The communication is done better by the women’s than the men and which helps in the effective development of an organization as well as the country.

As the women are very fast in doing their work the productivity has also been increased by various marks. Gender equality also helps in the discrimination between males and females which has given a better life for the women of now rather than the women of the earlier time. Gender equality has provided major stuff to women in various ways like getting an education from the school and becoming a good professional and doing work. Gender equality has given a chance to the moment to get out of the household work and meet the outside world and had and the great experience.

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