Gender Discrimination In India

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Inequality made between male and female regarding political, social, educational, economic, medical is termed Gender Inequality. Gender inequality is a severe problem in India which a female face at every stage of life.


According to the survey made in 2013, It was found that India comes on 127 positions in the gender discrimination.

Types Of Gender Inequalities:

Biological inequality

In India, people welcome the baby boy with a great smile, but when the girl child takes birth, this makes them lose hope for their livelihood.

Many of the parents do a medical checkup to check whether the fetus is a boy or a girl and when they come to know that they are going to be the parent of a girl child they do abortion. There are the people who even throw their girl infants in the dustbin or leave them in an orphanage.

Educational Inequality

At many of the places, we have seen that the girl child is restricted going to school, as parents have the mentality the female is only meant to serve their husband and to do household chores. If a parent is sending a girl to school in the cases, also he will perform gender discrimination. Differently, they will send their boy in good school whereas to the girl in a municipal school. The literacy rate of India shows a vast difference between male and female.

At Home

My Home At home, the girl faces the gender inequality in a relation. The boy’s child gets more preference, more attention of the parents. No problem whatever will the boy of the house will do. Still, he will be the crown of the head.

Equality In Marriages

While seeking the boy for the wedding of a girl, the parent is not at all giving preference for the girl wishes. They even will not ask what type of guy she would like to marry. Instead of asking, for the sake of money they tie the girl with a male who is double or triple of her age.

In The Workplace 

The gender inequality is even made at the place of work. Boys get jobs easily and rank goods position whereas the girls possess lower income and not get the proper position by saying she cannot handle the work properly.

Government Steps

The government has taken many steps to stop gender inequality. They have banned the checking of fetus whether the child is male or female. If the government found any doctor or parents performing the same, they will be punished severely.

The government has set up many schools which give free of cost education to girls. Girls at many places receive the book at a very lower price. They even get facilities like getting cycles to travel and also get free food at the school.

The government has also put some strict rules to stop gender inequality.


The Indian media is playing a vital role in reducing gender inequality rate in India. Through the magazine, advertisement, pictures they show the impact of gender discrimination.


It is only because of female that we can see the world. One should respect the women by stopping the gender discrimination also women should raise voice if any injustice is done to  her.

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