Gender Discrimination

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We get daily reading and hearing about harassment, exploitation, and violence against women. Often we hear discussions such as gender perception. It is necessary to understand this with the things connected.

Sexual Discrimination

Gender discrimination can also be called gender inequality. This form of social inequality has been present in the smallest quantity in the world at almost every location.

It is not that men can not work for home and home care, but such thinking is made that the work within the home is the responsibility of women, while they can also work out of the house and earn money. And they are doing too. This thinking is an example of gender discrimination.

Girls and women should have equal opportunities and rights for their development. The prosperity of our society is dependent on the same cooperation as both men and women. Great poet Kalidas has said that this woman is this man. This is nonsense Virtually the character of the men is worthy of worship.

Different Types Of Sex Discrimination

The Sexual Division Of Labor

During the upbringing of boys and girls, this recognition is given to them, that the main responsibility of women is to run the house and to nurture the children. We see that cooking, cleaning utensil and laundry in the family do supplementary work.

Apart from this, the villages also work to bring water from far away and to build firewood. The same women also work for planting plants, weeding, harvesting of crops and care of milch animals.

Education And Work Opportunities

The number of educated women is less compared to men. At present, a large number of girls are going to school. But many girls leave schools without completing education due to poverty, lack of education facilities and other reasons. Especially the disadvantaged sections, tribal and Muslim class girls leave school in large numbers.

As a result, they have to be deprived of work opportunities in many areas. After the government’s encouragement and efforts, conditions have changed now. Now women can be seen playing a role in all work areas.

Community Involvement

There is a great difference in the role and participation of women and men at the community level too. The role of women in public life, especially in politics, is negligible due to the house being limited to four quarters.

Public life is in the possession of men and women are given less participation. However, in India, women have decorated such positions as President, Prime Minister, Chief Minister, Judge. But in the Parliament, the Legislative Assemblies and the Confessions of Men, men are dominated.

Remedies To Prevent Gender Discrimination In India

Now we will discuss the work to bring about change in the situation of women. Many efforts have been made at both social and legislative level for the empowerment of women. Due to social change due to these efforts, women have increased mobility and now their participation in all areas is increasing.

Women raised equal demand in the family and public life. Women organizations have drawn their attention towards society, the legislature, and the court. Wherever there is a violation of women’s rights, voices are raised against them.

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