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Define Garbage Pollution:

Garbage Pollution

Today the pollution as becoming the main impact of the country, due to the waste from the house, industry, factory are dumped in the road or in the land which is empty, this all dumping causes the odor, and this affects the human’s body.

Garbage such as the leaves of the vegetables from the household and the iron, cans, paper, plastic, animals if dead and the bones of the animals, wet waste, harmful waste from the chemical industry and many more which can’t be defined.

And after that, the dumped garbage is given fire this causes the air pollution which is very toxic to the health of the humans.

Places are not cleaned and the river is also not left they are also contaminated by attaching the pipeline to the river body these pipes leave very harmful waste which also causes the death of the aquatic animals.

The Burning Of The Garbage Affect The Environment

Garbage Pollution

Garbage carry many of the toxic substance which is harmful to the health of the living organism, this burning of the garbage contains the Carbon monoxide in it which is very harmful to the body this then enter the body and the lungs get damaged.

Now a day people burn the waste which is very harmful to the body which can lead to the dead according to the scientist.

Air pollution is caused due to the burning of such inorganic component this is not only poisoning the air but also spread the various type of the diseases which are now the main problem of the death like the lungs damage, cardiac attack and many more.

Effects Of Air Pollution Due To Garbage

Garbage Pollution

Today all the resources which we are getting free from the god are been polluted very badly due to the development of the country we are forgetting the importance of the environment.

A large number of factories and the industry emit the toxic gases towards the air. All the bad odor from the garbage are been collected with the fresh air this makes the air polluted.

Mosquitoes, flies, and mice find fertile breeding in garbage waste. Some of the garbage from the house and from the industry are been put to the river this pollutes the river water.

Methods To Control Garbage Pollution

Garbage Pollution

There should be the proper disposal on the part of the developed and underdeveloped country. The technologies which are been introduced today as speed our life but the pollution is not come to the hand till now. The main sources of the energy and the resources are been badly polluted day by day.

The following measure should be taken for disposal of waste:


Garbage Pollution

It is the method in which all the household waste such as the vegetable waste, fruit waste, and all the food waste are been used to dig in the ground this will provide the rich manure to the soil, so we should not throw the garbage here and there it should be properly disposed into the ground. This manure will be more useful after the six months.

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