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We all know about the great leader Mahatma Gandhi who is also the father of the nation. There would be no one in India who is not aware of Mahatma Gandhi and his sacrifices.

Sacrifices of Mahatma Gandhi 

As we all know India was the country who was ruled by the Britishers and that too for not one or two years it was more than 200 years. In this duration, India faces so many difficulties for their daily necessities and even for their own rights.

India was facing these issues for more than 200 years but there was no one who could stand against it. The people who stand for their rights would be killed into some kind of rules and regulations which were made by the Britishers.

Each person who wanted to be free never understood that there could be some other way apart from the violence to get the freedom

Our first freedom fighter who stand against the Britishers but without violence. He was the first person who stood against the Britishers and made a remark of nonviolence and he took his whole life to solve the problems of the Indian citizens. 

He never took any step back in the fight he was the first person to stand against any injustice happened to the Indian citizens.

Family of Mahatma Gandhi

Just like a common man he was also a person who had a family. Being a freedom fighter for the country who was a slave for more than 200 years was a tough job.

But his family always supported him his wife name Kasturba Gandhi was one of the great women. She was one of the first women who was educated and she was also one of the first women who started teaching women and girls.

She understood that it is a very important thing to share knowledge with everyone.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebrated

Every year in India Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated with happiness this is the day when Mahatma Gandhi was born. It is a very special day for Indian citizens because it was the day when a great leader was born for their progress.

Today after getting independence so many years have passed but as the Indian, we never forget to celebrate the festival of Gandhi Jayanti. In a tribute to a leader who fought for us and sacrificed his life without hesitating.

Love From The Country

The whole country loves Mahatma Gandhi and calls him as Bapu. He is the father of the nation but also an inspiration to words the upcoming generation.

His books are even today so powerful to get inspired there are people who are still following the steps of Mahatma Gandhi. They know that it would be a tough job but following the path of Mahatma Gandhi makes them feel that they are doing something important to words the country.

It is a kind of tribute to their hero Mahatma Gandhi by following his way of living life.

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