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A person to whom we like most, share our feeling care, and trust can be defined merely as Friend.

A friend is one who creates a sense of hope in us at the time when we became utterly hopeless. The quote A friend in need is a friend indeed is genuinely true.

We make friends throughout life. In school,college,neighbor, workplace,etc. but some of the friendship among those are last long.


The good and real friend company matters a lot in everyone life. A person openly shares his or her feeling with their friends. Nowadays friends are the first one who suggests the answer to any problem. The quality time we spend with our friends is said to be the golden time.

To spend time with a friend is always exciting and memorable.

Secret Holder

True friends are gifts of God. With whom we are sharing our secret talk and feel safe when we are with them are said like a true friend. Both the friend should possess the same feeling for each other as we cannot cap by only one hand in the same way we cannot maintain a friendship with only one friend.

If one friend is sharing some secret with another one, he or she should understand their friend feeling and should never betray them.

Heart Relations

Friendship creates the most durable bond ever. Friendship is a connection where God gives us an opportunity to choose them. Receiving a good friend is not less than having a jewel in life.

After our family member, it is only our friend who wishes for our happiness and satisfaction.


A true friend is the one who always listens to the problem of another friend and gives out a good solution for that. If they find any lousy quality in their friend, they advise stopping that. True friends correct the mistake of another. Friends stand like pillars for each other.

Anyone Can Be A Friend

It is not necessary that we find our friend outside our home. Our mother can be a good friend. Not only a mother but also a father, siblings, uncle, aunt, cousin, etc. can have a friendly relation.


As we have heard about the friendship of Lord Krishna and Sudama. As Sudama belonged from a destitute family, but this doesn’t create any matter for Lord Krishna. Their friendship was an example of soulmate relation.

Friendship In Modern Days

Nowadays having a good and faithful friend is tough. Here people became so selfish as they show something else and behave differently. Everyone become friends so early for their purpose. After the need gets over even friendship gets up.

Real and good friend are those who never choose to continue friendship by seeing other finance. Only some of the people in modern times have real friends.


As true friendship is hearty relation, one can understand the situation of another without their saying. No matter whether true friend meets in aweel or a year, but they share the same love for each other.

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