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The friend and the friendship between the people can be said as a relationship between the two or more people that are being attached with each other by a friendly means, and there can be many friends of people who help them and be friends with them as like their family.

Friend is a loyal and faithful relationship that people can have with them as a friend is a loyal partner who is in every up and down of the man all the time and the people who are being with someone all the time and helping them and be faithful to them by spreading happiness and this relationship is called as friends.

We can make friends with many people as there is no age limit sex and the position of the person as he is rich or poor friendship between the people is a thing which is common between then and there is no other thing and differences between them.

Relationship Between Friends

Friendship between the people can be anyone as there is no age limit and the differences between people and the friendship can be done with the animal as well as there are many animals like dog and the animals which are kept as pet by people and these dogs are being very much friendly to them as they can also be a friend of a human.

The friendship is a thing which develops between the two people and the other people that have the similar passions emotions between them. It is the most valuable relationship in the life of every person, and without these there is no important thing in the life of a person everyone needs a friend who can help him with his thing and if a person do not have friend and life without the friends he would not be able to be successful in their life as the friends are the only thing who helps the friends to be successful in their life.

The life of a person would not be complete and satisfied if he has no friends in his life as the word friendship in his life get lacks and the things of a friend have, and he would not be able to enjoy his life.

Selection Of Friends

The selection of Friends it is being used as every person has many friends but in those friends he has two choose the good friends best friends and a normal friend and there are also many friends that do acting like to be friends and always want to destroy them and a person who are having two types of friend should be able to notice it and to be known and separate from those types of friends.

And the good friends and the best friends are their friends who are with them all the time as the children who make friends in the school and colleges time the most of those friends who are with them in the whole life friends who are not being able to stay together act like normal friends. And mostly the important thing is in the hands of every person to choose their friends.

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