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Anyone who is closest to someone is a friend. It is very hard to understand the feelings of one without a friend. It’s natural for everyone to feel like a friendship. But friendships have to be real friends since meeting for the first time.

Someone who is in need of matching friendship with a stranger is to trust in himself, to ignore the caste-claws, to put aside the black screen of doubt, to have a great heart, to sensitize the mind, and to get to know others properly.

Time Is Taken For The Friendship       

Friendship does not take long, but it takes time to become a real friend! Friendship is a sign that is created by two strangers. And a true friend is a beautiful song created by strangers! Friendship is matched by identity, but after the identity of the person who came into contact with him, after joining his happiness, the “man” who created the true friend and friend is true friendship!

Friends Put The New Colour Of Hope

True friends are artisans who revert to a ruined wall. New colors of hope Inspiration inspiration in a friend’s life. Friends preventing you from going to a wrong path an attacker, a friend appreciation.

The Friendship Of Karna And Duryodhana

The biggest example of a friend is Karna. Renunciation for a friend of Karna, that is the person who pauses for a friend. A friend who did not give up until the end of the path of evil like Duryodhana, the faithful Karna who did not betray him.

The hypotenuse in this contaminated world, there was a need for friendship, which was just as turbid as the water of Ganga, removing the turmoil among friends, that there was a need of friendship between the two is very difficult.

Friends For Good And Bad Time

Without thinking a bit about the world, I feel like having a friend of happiness as a friend of mine, giving me the knowledge, giving it to my friends, raising him to be a financial thinker and I do not have time for friendship with a human being filled with humanity.

Sudama And Lord Krishna Friendship

In today’s unemployment era, it is necessary that even if the society does not have the skill of a well-educated ‘Sudamya’, which is considered worthless, then even if it is not enough for him, then knowing his situation only Lord Krishna can help him. To meet this kind friend of ‘Sakha Shrikrishna’, it must be Sudama himself, and a very close friendship like Shrikrishna-Sudama came about to know.

Indeed it is said that a friend need is a friend indeed, a friend who stands by yourself besides you, in the worst situation of yours is the true and real friends of yours.

Getting true friends is really a matter of luck and chance. Otherwise, in today’s generation, everyone wears the mask of a kind person and later show something else.

Intelligent people stay away, but the kind-hearted, soft-hearted people get trapped into their evil thought.

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