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Wherever we are, there will be people around us who will damage us with their actions, so it is essential to know how to forgive. Many believe that forgiving is something that we do for ourselves and not for the person who has hurt us since to pardon; it is like putting a prisoner in freedom and discovering that the prisoner.

Therefore, one must understand what the meaning of forgiveness, its importance and what it is that can cause us not to be able to forgive that person who hurt us is.

Can Recover The Damage

A forgiving person can recover from the damage he suffered. She is willing to give a chance to change who did it and build a new and creative life. Revenge, resentment, and hatred are feelings that can be harbored in our hearts if we do not forgive.

The Way Of Healing

“Forgiveness is the way of healing … it is the letting go of the hardness that was had towards a person; letting go of all those things that we harbored against this one and letting go of that bond. Forgiving is a process that lasts all of life and grace is received at every moment.

Forgiveness is a complex process. It is something that only we can do. By offering our goodwill to the offender, we find the power to heal ourselves … By providing this gift to the other person, we also receive it.

End Of Pain Cycle

This is where the importance of forgiveness lies, that is, to free oneself from all that is supported to move forward. End the pain cycle for our good and the sake of future generations.

It is a gift that we must provide to our children. We can move from pain to compassion. When we forgive, we recognize the intrinsic value of the other person.

An Attitude

It is a decision, an attitude, a process and a way of life. It is something that we give to other people and something that we accept for ourselves.

Forgiveness is an act that involves your willpower with which you realize that it is in your power to let go of something that steals your energy or tranquillity.

No To Revenge

Many times the first reaction we have when someone hurt us, is to do the same harm. That’s what revenge is about. An old king named Hammurabi said that if someone took one of our eyes, we should take theirs too. But Mahatma Gandhi guessed that if so, we would all be blind. Therefore, to renounce revenge is to stop a chain of evils for all human beings.

Resentment consists of having feelings of hatred for those who hurt us. These feelings occupy our thinking as if filling a room with useless things that end up spoiling the right parts of the house.


Through forgiveness, you have to throw them away little by little. The room will be ready to receive the best that life offers.

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