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Essay On Floods For Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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We can say that the flood is the natural disaster this occurs due to the high level of the rainfall in some of the places and all the water are going to the river only the river can’t handle the high water level and due to which there is the occur of the floods in the area where there is the river and this is the sudden happening, when we are the sleep than the water surrounding the house, many of the people get homeless due to the heavy floods, crops are destroyed by the force of the water and if the water has more power than the man and all the animals are wash out with the water.

Effects Of The Floods

There is many of the problem caused due to the floods sometimes there is no force of the water but if the water comes in the high tide then there is the huge loss of the life, and the property all the cattle and the people get washed out with the water, and all the home also get damaged due to the water, the people become homeless there is the great loss of the crops for the farmer and at this time all the people of the country also suffer due to loss of the crops, there is no measure taken by the government for this all the problem and the economy of the country comes in the loss, and this is the fact due to the floods.

Causes Of Floods

Today for the development of the country all the forest are been cut and then where there is the river canals they are closed for making the building or for the creation of the factories or the industry and this make the closing of the small small river channels and during the monsoon season there arises the problem of the floods because the water as no way to flow and not proper place to gather so all the part can’t be taken by the river because the bed of the river is very much small and river can’t handle the excess water in it so due to the closing of the water canals create the situation of the floods in the respective areas, all the wastewater canals are also been closed and due to the block in the water system there is the occurrence of the floods.

Prevention Of The Floods

There should be the proper skills of the engineer should be taken like there should be the appropriate rigging of the water canals in the particular are and in the bi big river the water collecting dams should be built this dam helps the water to flow in the oceans or in another river which can reduce the possibility of the no flooding.

The government also should take the care of the particular problem because the agriculture field also gets damaged which can raise the loose in the economy of the country.

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