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Essay On Flood For Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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A flood is a natural disaster which is caused by the overflow of water over the dry area. It is caused when there is too much water in the water Reservoir above the capacity of the reservoir then the water gets spilled out from it, and this overflow of water leads to the flood.

It can also cause floods when there are heavy rains, and the Reservoir is full of water above its capacity. Also when there is an extreme flow of water this can lead to tsunamis or the area can be affected by a storm. Floods that causes unknowingly are called flash floods.

We cannot stop the flood coming as it is a natural disaster so when it is happening, we should move quickly from that area.

Effects due to Flood

When the flood takes place, it destroys the whole area and the land mass by its overflow of water. All the buildings industries and all the things that come in the area of this flood destroys all the things within a second. People lost their lives when there is happening of the flood as they didn’t get many of the time to move from the area.

The area gets under full of water, and the water is almost polluted, and this water can harm the people and their life. In the past in India there are many cases that register the overflow of the water such as in the year 1943 there was a great overflow of water in Madras as there are heavy rains continuously lasted for six days so because of this the Madras City get under the area of the flood.

This flood destroyed all the living, and many of the people died under the flood. Not only in Madras but later this flood affected in some areas of Gujarat mostly about 1800-2000 people lost their life.

After that in the year 1987 the flood affected in Bihar from all the flood this was the worst flood of all time as mostly about 68 million peoples property get destroyed and about 2000 to 3000 people and many of the animals have lost their lives.

In the recent years in 2005 flood has also been affected in Mumbai as it destroyed many of their lives and property of the people.

Flood Control


Mostly the flooding increases due to the deforestation that people do for their use. Trees provide the flooding of the water, and because of this there should not be deforestation, and many trees should be planted to control these floods.

Asia continent is under the flood-prone area mainly Japan comes under the flood-prone areas as there are also many volcanic eruptions, so Japan comes in the prone area of natural disasters. For this flood control, Japan has made many sluices or sliding walls at the rivers for the protection from this flood.

India is also undertaking many of the measures to control these flood and also redeveloping their areas which are affected by the flood. There should be a flood control measures taken in every country to provide their country from this natural disaster.

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