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Including the heavy rainfall, from the water bodies overall flow of water like rivers, oceans, etc. strong winds along the coastal lines, glacier melting, hurricanes, etc. all this are caused by the floods by including the number of regions.

What Are The Causes Of Flood 

There are various causes of floods, they are as follows:

Occurring Of Heavy Rains

The situation arises at each time the downpours are more absorbs than the drainage system. Floods may be caused at the time of heavy rains occurs for a very short span of time.

On the other hand at the time of light rainfall which goes for the days and it also may lead to cause a situation of flood.

Water Bodies May Overflow

In the nearby areas, due water bodies, at the time occurs the rivers may overflow and can cause the situation of floods. Near the areas the low lying rivers are badly impacted at the time of water flows from the downstream.

Dams Breaking

For the holding down from the flow of water from the highlands, the dams are created. Due to a large amount of water are held by the dams it breaks and may lead to a flood in the nearby areas.

All Around The World There Are Several Flood – Prone Regions 

There are various regions all around the globe which are prone to frequent floods. Including Mumbai as well as Kolkata in India, whereas in China, the cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, etc.

Also in New York, NY-Newark, NJ, Vietnam, New Orleans, etc. are the cities which are facing severe and frequent floods in all around the world.

What Are The Effects Of Floods 

Flood is, in general, an overflow of water of an expanse which submerges the land and also the inflow of the tide on to the land. Related to natural disasters, almost 90 percent of all the damaged was caused, as it is most frequent and also costly to natural hazards.

The flood may also cause the loss of human life on a large scale and also widely spread damage to the properties. These damage to living things may refer to the flood damage.

A flood can also cause to agriculture which we cannot imagine it. Into the three types, the effects of floods damage may be categorized. They are divided into primary, secondary and tertiary.

The physical damage may include into the primary effects of damage of floods such as damage to cars, bridges, roadways, buildings, sewer system and also to the casualties (people as well as livestock death) due to drowning. Due to direct contact with the flood water, the primary effects of floods damage may cause.

In the human build structure, during the time of floods water will enter into it and cause the water damage. Including the furniture which is ruining, damage on the floors, houses wall as well as other things, which may damage by floods.

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