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Fish are those creatures who live in the water, and they respire through their gills. Fish are the creatures that are present over 500 million years ago on earth.

Fishes are cold-blooded, and also there are over 32,000 species present of fish, the fishes are called cold-blooded because they change their body temperature according to the surrounding temperature.

Fish comes under the class of vertebrates. For living fish mostly eats other fish or small plants that represent in water. Fishes reproduce their babies by laying eggs. Fishes have fins and scales on their body which helps them to swim in water. Fish swims long distances, and they mostly swim in groups.

Types Of Fish

There are many species of fishes that are existing from 500 million years ago. From the past new species of fish has been generated in the water bodies.

There are many different types of species such as there are many types of jawless fish species are present, and after this jawless fish evolve into three types of jawed fish, they are Bony fish, plated skin fish and cartilaginous fish. As there are 32,000 known species out of that almost 27,000 species are bony fish.

This jawless fish does not have jaw, and as they do not have jaws, this fishes also lack in the ability to swim as their fins are not proper and did not have the proper stomach and also their body temperature has not been in control. Cartilaginous fish are born with cartilages skeleton.

These fishes have proper fins and scales, and they lack in their rib cage as they have cartilages skeletons present there and also they lack in their bone marrow. There are also three types of living of fish as some lives in marine water fish, freshwater fish, and migrating fish.

This freshwater fishes live in the water where there is a low level of salt. The marine fishes can live in more amount of salt water. And the third type of fish migrating fish can live any type of water level as they migrate to search for their food. The longest fish is Whale Shark which is about 15 meters long.

Fish As Food

Fishes are also eaten in a large amount as food. There are many species of fish that can be eaten as food as fish has proteins, vitamins, and cholesterol in them and they are useful for our body. Fishes are eaten from the past ancient times as many people who live on the riverside has fish as their daily beverage.

By eating fish, it helps to solve our health problems, and it helps in the improvement of our heart and brain. While eating fish, there are also many hazardous effects on our health as some fishes have spokes in them that can choke us while eating and it could get many health problems.

Rather than eating fish some people also like to keep them as their pet. Most goldfish are kept as pets by many people. Some people like to go fishing in their hobbies. Fishes are very beautiful species in the world.

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