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Feminism has been started from the way back as the aim was to give human rights to women in society. The women should be given equal rights was the main motive, and these ideas were put forward by the philosopher in the 18th century.

There was a problem in the 18th century that women were not allowed to vote in the politics and so for those many philosophers of was put forward this and buy these many Women are allowed to take part in politics and to vote. After the rights that given to the women of voting this philosopher also stood up for the equal rights of the women.

Feminism has been started from the past where women were not given the equal rights, and it is also done in the present so every woman should be able to get the equal rights, and they should be equal with men.

History of Feminism 

In past history, there was more problem with the gender differences in men and women. In the past 18th century women were not given their rights so many philosophers at that time help the women to get their equal rights. In the 18th century, the first wave was to get the rights of voting given to the woman.

Then in the 19th century, there has become a problem for the women of the caste differences between men and women and also the discrimination between the race of the people.

Many racism problems that have been appeared at that time for the women. From this all the there are many women feminist who come forward and look upon this to get equal rights for the women of any race at that time.

Feminism in India 

The other parts of the countries India also does the gender differences between men and women and also there are many problems with these in past India. In India, Women were not given their equal rights not able to take part in any political things and many other things were not been given equally to the women as compared to men.

The women were not given the equal education as the men and when they are done their job they are not given the equal wages compared to the men always women are underestimated in India at that time.

There is caste system that has been in India from the past and because of this the lower caste or the poor caste people are not able to take part in any things and their women are also been not able to take part in anything.

At present today’s India has become the great source for the education of women as India has done the equal rights between men and women and all the things that men get women are also been participated with them as equal.

Women get equal education and all the things as compared to the past of India, women’s ratio from the past has been great now there is an equal number of women to a man. Women are forward in all the fields from men and also they are equal to men in the present world.

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