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Female foeticide means the abortion of a female fetus outside from legal methods. There is a great frequency of increasing female foeticide in India.

Most people do not like a girl as their child so when they come to know that the child is a girl, so they abort the child before getting the child to born.

There is a great ratio difference between the birth of girls and boys because when there is a boy child to be born people do not abort it but when a girl child to be born people abort the baby and this has become a great problem of gender differences. As through the sources, there are about 940 girls equal to 1000 boys.

In India, these gender differences is a great problem as people in India believe that a girl is a threat as India has dowry systems and this causes the financial burden for the people. So people mostly tend to give birth to a boy rather than a girl.

Reasons For Female Foeticide

Mostly the main reason of the female foeticide is that the economic crisis in family where there is less in money in a family people use to tend to give birth a male child as male child could work and get them income but a girl child cannot work, and she has to do the only household works so she can’t be able to bring money to their family these thoughts of the people leads to the girl child abortion decision from the people.

Another reason for the abortion of the girl child is that once the girl is raised and and she has been ready to marry in India there is act of dowry system where a girl child family had to give money, appliances, and many more things to the boys family because of this act the people thinks that women are a burden to their family.

This act is mostly adopted in the Northern and western part of India such as in Rajasthan or other states because in this state there is very less economy and the rate of poor is very much high.

As once women are married they go to another family and they cannot give money to their family and boys are being raised can bring money to their families. Girls are also not given the education they need; they always kept under boys.

Changes From Past

There are many changes that have been undertaken by the Indian government in the past. Now the boy and a girl are treated as equal, and there is no gender differences between these mostly gender equality is there between a boy and a girl.

All the things that a boy get with education girls also have been provided by education, and all the things have been done equally for both.

Our Indian government Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken a huge responsibility for the women education as he has organized many camps for this his camp Beti Bachao Beti padhao is a great organization that he has organized for the female education.

In present India when a girl child is born a family celebrates her born with great happiness and joy, and there is no gender differences between a boy and a girl and the Government of India has done a great job for this equality.

Today’s women are mostly equal to the boys as they are ahead in all the fields such as technical, science, business everything a woman is ahead of a man. Women should be considered as equal to a man, and there should always be gender equality in all countries.

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