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Female education is the education that is provided to the women. It is the most important thing in the world for educated women. And this has also been many issues behind this as because of the gender differences between the man and the woman.

As women are considered as weaker among men, so that is why they do not provide education in many of the countries. Educating a woman is a most important thing, and women can also do everything a man can do, and the men and women are equal, as you can say that they are ahead from men in all kinds of work.

Our society did not permit to educate the woman, and they think that women should live only inside their homes. These things should be changed, and women should get permission to be educated in all formats.

Women Education In The Past

In the past, most women are not educated because as if there are no money to educate a boy and girl and if they can afford for the only education of one child, so people educate a boy and they think that a girl should be work inside a house.

Mostly gender differences problem between Men and women is the reason for not educating the girls. In India in past there have been many gender equality has been adopted as people use to educate a boy rather than a girl. They did not consider female education as their responsibility.

In the past in India every people need a boy child and whenever a girl child is going to born they mostly abort the child or when a girl has been born they treat the girl child as a servant, most marriages of the girl child are done under the age of 14 married at a very low age at that time.

Most people do not consider a girl child as their responsibility; there is always a gender difference between a girl and a boy in India.

Female Education In Present India

At present Government of India has been looking through this problem of the girl education. Now the boy and a girl are treated as equal, and there is no gender differences between these mostly gender equality is there between a boy and a girl.

All the things that a boy get with education girls also have been provided by education and all the things have been done equally for both.

Our Indian government Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken a huge responsibility for the women education as he has organized many camps for this his camp Beti Bachao Beti padhao is a great organization that he has organized for the female education.

In present India when a girl child is born a family celebrates her born with great happiness and joy, and there is no gender differences between a boy and a girl and the Government of India has done a great job for this equality.

Today’s women are mostly equal to the boys as they are ahead in all the fields such as technical, science, business everything a woman is ahead of a man. Women should be considered as equal to a man, and there should always be gender equality in all countries.

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