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Every person loves to play games in their life always have some or the other game in their dream. Dreams to play it might be a possibility that you never played that game but you are always inspired and wish to play your favourite game in your life.

The Cricket

In India most of the boys love to play cricket it’s not because they are very much talented but playing cricket it’s just that there are more fabulous player playing cricket from India and they are actually inspired by them.

Many youngsters join the cricket clubs just to make sure that they are very much involved in playing cricket and they also see them self  as a cricketer in future. Nowadays even the girls have the opportunity to play cricket. India is a country which also has woman’s cricket team which played the World Cup also.

Yet today India was not so much interested in developing the girl’s cricket team but slowly and steadily people understood that not only the boys have the talent to play cricket but also the Indian girls are having the talent to face off with other countries girl in cricket.


Hockey is a sport of India well hockey is also our national sport. Many youngsters are just willing to play hockey because they were having a mentor who was always dedicated towards hockey.

Most of the hockey players are from very small towns of India but as we know the talent is something which comes up anyhow and they find some or the other way to show that talent and once they are making the country proud there is nothing more than that which they want in their life.


Now you must be thinking how talented India is. Well you have just hear about few of the most played games in India and one of those most popular games also counts as the football. Football is the game right now played by only the male part of India, but the day is not so far when even the woman’s will be having their own team to participate in the world champion football trophy .

We are well aware of our woman’s how talented they are to achieve their goals. So we are expecting even the woman’s football team soon to be appeared and once the football team is also came up there is nothing which will call back the Indian football women’s team.


Kabaddi is a game of men’s right now in India we expect the woman’s will also soon join the game kabaddi. Well it is not a shocking news that Indian woman’s are well aware of playing kabaddi it’s just that they haven’t take it to other international level.

Nowadays the Indian women’s are so much busy with the rest of the stuff that they don’t even care about playing kabaddi, they are busy with their household work and running behind their careers. Well it’s not wrong to run behind your career but if you are gifted with something special you should appreciate it.

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