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There are many teachers in our education system who provides us with knowledge and everything to us. In all the fields of education, there are many teachers who provide education in that field.

After our parent’s teachers are the only person who guides us and gives the ethics and values to us that are very much important in our life. Teachers are next to God and the education that day providers are useful for us all through our lives.

Many teachers are present in all the fields but there are also the teachers who are favorites of many students whom they listen to it properly and the values they give they use them are follow through their whole life.

And I also have my favorite teacher the values that she gave me I follow in my life and she is my 10th standard English teacher who guided me very well to pass on easily.

My Favorite Teacher

When I was in the 10th standard my favorite teacher was my English teacher she guided me very well and the values that she gave me is very useful in my life till now.

She was also our class teacher at that time and I like the most in her is that anything or any kind of hard things that we got she usually make it easy and understandable to us very easily.

Students were very free to ask her any kind of difficulties they got. Her behavior was very nice towards her students she teaches the students all the things and helps them in their work also.

I was also her favorite student at that time and she always helped me in my every work. She was very much intelligent in the other subjects also as we can ask her any kind of doubts about other subjects also she would easily tell us the problem and help us with them.

All the students like her and there were many disciplines in her class as every student behaves very nicely and disciplined in her class. Any kind of dance shows, sports and any other inter-curricular activities she used to help me with all the things.

Her Ethics And Values

Rather than her subject, she used to tell every student how to be disciplined and to obey their elders she gave many ethics and values to all the students and this ethics and values are also very much important for us in today’s life.

She usually started teaching me from when I was in 6th standard and from then her teachings got me easy and understanding as compared to the other teachers so I like her the most as a teacher.

After the 10 standards I left the school and went for higher studies but all the ethics and values that she has thought me are remembered by me today also and this is helping in I present world.

After when I left the school I got no such teacher like her who give me proper guidance so because of this I obeyed her and whenever I met her I respect her and always she will be my favorite teacher.

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