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The winter season is a cold season which starts from the month of December and ends in the month of March in which the environment become cool and in some places it start falling of snow which means the area is most colder and due to which the snowfall starts it is like falling off minute pieces of Ice from the sky which is also known as snow whole area is covered with snow like it is being given a white blanket which looks very soft.

Everyone loves winter as during the season we get the rid of the hot sun and also the high temperature which is caused during the summer season. Winter season is like we are living in and refrigerator where the temperature is very low and in some areas it is so much low that people wear big warm jackets to prevent them from the cold and keep their body warm.


There are various Adventures in the winter season, everyone has their own way to leave in the winter season some people love to go out of the house and have a view of outdoor and have a walk with their friends and their partners and there are some people who love to leave at home and eat hot food like hot noodles and hot chocolate coffee.

Small children love the winter season and the environment in school and they do not sweat very much and also they feel very energetic in winter season and they also love the snow which Falls from the sky in the winter season they also play with this snow and they make snowball and they hit each other playing videos games through the snow.

Survival In Winter

For some people survive in the winter season is very hard and they don’t like the winter season and they take many precautions to keep their body warm and stay away from the cold environment. Many people buy a heater from the market which increases the room temperature and makes the environment hot in the home due to which the winter stays away from the home and people love sitting at home around the heater.

The winter season is a huge problem for people who don’t have houses are the people who are out from the home they fire a bonfire and have the phone off heat and enjoy the Bonfire by keeping the hands towards the bonfire. But the poor peoples due to lack of insulating clothes and or shelter they die in the winter season.

Winter In India

In India during the winter season, the days are short and the nights are long it is also found that the night comes earlier just after the evening and the sky becomes darker. During winter people enjoy going out on vacations and also go for a walk after eating food at night and searching for hot foods like hot chocolate. In India, small children love winter season as, during this season, they go out of the house and make their body warm by playing many games with their friends.

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