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A father is a male parent of our family. A father guides and loves his children all through his life. A father is a pillar and support of the family; he is a strength for his children all through their life. For a child, his father is his superhero and as a good friend who always instructs them to go on the right path.

All the children father is the best friend and the real hero for them. My father is a great inspiration for me; he always helps me in my difficult work. My father is a very gentle and polite person, and he is the boss of the family and gives an introduction to every member of our family.

He is the only person through which the family runs because he earn for him and mainly he earns for his children and his family.

My FatherĀ 

My father is a kind-hearted person, and I share everything with him, and also he shares with me all the happy and sad moments that are happening in his life. He is a good advisor to the family whenever there is any problem every family member takes advice from him.

He the successful person in his life by following all the ethics and humanity of life. He always help the needy people whenever he sees them; he always helps me to take the right decision in my life and because of his support I could be able to do everything in my life.

He wants to make me a good person like every father do. My father is a good person not only because he helps me but also because of his knowledge, strength and helping nature. He was born into a poor family, and he always used to respect his parents that means my grandparents.

He never used to disrespect them as he always has the values and ethics and discipline in him. This all the ethics and values that he is having with him is thought to him by my grandparents, and through them, my father also taught me how to be disciplined in life.

A father is a strict person from outside, but he is a very kind person from inside. Every father looks the best from their children, and they always believe that their children should get everything that they are not able to get. My father is always my role model.

A Father’s Day

Father’s Day is being celebrated every third Sunday of June every year. Like mother’s day children also celebrate their fathers day with great respect to their father. Father’s day is celebrated for the honor and the reward of the fatherhood for the father’s.

It has been celebrated mostly in many countries. As fathers are very hard working person in the family and he is the only man who runs the family so for the honor and respect for him this father’s day has been celebrated with great happiness by their children to the father’s.

On father’s day, every child should provide happiness to their fathers. And celebrate this day of fathers with great joy and happiness with all the family members.

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