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Fast foods are the foods which are made quickly and served quickly than the traditional foods, and these foods are mostly mass-produced foods. These fast foods are mostly junk foods, and they have less nutritional value in them other than the traditional foods that we cook and eat at home.

These foods are called fast food because when we go to a restaurant and order something fast food, this food is served very quickly as these foods are kept in the refrigerator or they are pre-cooked ingredients, and when we order this they cooked it fast and served as quickly.

These foods are also very good in taste as compared as the traditional foods, but these fast foods have many health effects as they may lead to many of the health diseases such as an increase in the body fat or cholesterol and it contains many cancer diseases or obesity by eating it regularly.

Effects of Fast Food

There are many health effects of these fast food by regularly eating it; it can cause a body to get unfit and unhealthy. Fast food such as Subway Burger, pizza are very tasty to eat, but these foods are not good for our digestion it leads to many intestinal problems also.

The people who have internal body problems should avoid these fast food. This tradition of eating fast food day by day is growing among youngsters nowadays.

People mostly like to eat fast food rather than the food that they have cooked at home. From the past ancient times, many of the shops of these fast food have been open for people and by their advertisements and their posters of food people most attracted to this fast food easily.

Instead of this fast food, people should eat homemade food as it does not cost more expenses as eating fast food is very much harmful and also cost more money for the people. Fast foods are available in all the areas as in coastal sides many fast foods made of fishes have been served.

The trend amongst Youngsters

Eating fast food has become a trend among youngsters. When there is someone birthday or any party youth mostly goes too fast food restaurants to celebrate. Many of the other countries fast food have also been served in Indian restaurants. India has KFC, McDonald and many other countries foods that people eat with great numbers.

In India there are also many Indian street fast food that is eaten by the people, and also many of the Chinese foods are also served and eaten by the people, these foods if eaten daily are very much harmful to the body,but the youth likes to eat this food, and because of this they become ill and get many health diseases.

People should eat fast food but only once a month or less as by this they can be able to fit, and they should only eat homemade foods to be fit, and this can be useful in their whole life.

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Updated: February 15, 2019 — 12:42 pm

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