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Fashion can be said as the peoples clothing, accessories and the lifestyle they live. Mostly fashion is done by the big known celebrities and many other sportspersons, but nowadays this sense of fashion is growing more in the youth of all the countries and mostly youth of countries are doing fashion.

By doing Fashion, all people can be able to look better in society, and that is why it has been grown more among youngsters as youngsters like to look good amongst all in the society. All countries have different types of fashion in them all countries have different-different attire to wear.

According to their religion, people wear their attire, and this creates fashion among them. Most people likely to wear branded clothes, accessories as a fashion as these clothes are made of high quality and are fashionable amongst the people.

The Fashion Among Youngsters 

the past, the fashion amongst the youth has been in the great trend in the past there were no such thing of fashion people mostly live to get free as there were people who are treated as the rulers and there was no time for such fashion.

People mostly get their happiness by living together, celebrating functions together and there were not such fashionable things among the people any people can wear any attire at that time. This brand of fashion has been increasing in the ancient times.

Fashion In Indian Youth

Fashion in India is the most growing thing amongst the youngsters, youth in India like to be fashionable like the other countries people. Indian people create their own fashion in all the things as they have different-different culture and the different culture have different attire and this creates fashion among the Indian people.

Because of this fashion in culture Indian Fashion is growing day by day and not only by India but the other countries are also like the fashion of India and they like this attire of India culture. Mostly saree in India has been a whore by most of the women as their fashion and the saree is in every culture and used as fashion for women in India.

In India mostly the branded things of clothing and the accessories could be afforded by the big known celebrities so they can be able to do fashion with more different patterns and the youth of India tries to copy them. As in today’s world life has become very fast and people have to move it with this fast life and to attach to the people among the others.

Fashion is growing on all the people and we should also be connected to the people and do fashion. Along with the clothing fashion another fashion has also been of drinking and smoking among youngsters these drinking and smoking fashion has become a trend amongst youth.

The youth of India thinks that it is very fashionable but because of these things people lost their lives very early. Fashion is a good thing for society to be and we should adopt this fashion and move along with the world.

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