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A family is a group of persons that always stay together, eat together and sleeps together. The members to complete a family are a father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister, daughter, and son forms a family.

All this member when they stay together happily and enjoyable are considered as a family. The person who has a family is very lucky because there are also many people who do not have family they don’t have their beloved ones with them. The family is a bond and relation between the people that stay together.

All members of the family love one another and take care of every member of the family as a responsibility towards their family members. Everyone always tries to fulfill the needs of each other mother and father fulfill the needs of the children and the children by obeying them and be always loving to their parents to fulfill their needs.

A Family

The family is a strength of only one person means all the members of the family work in unity, and when they work in a Unity, it is the strength of all in one.

When we have a family we get to learn all the good manners and also how to respect elders from family our parents and grandparents teaches us all the value and discipline in our lives and we get all the love and affection from them.

They always try to teach us good things in our life and always be good to others are their teachings to us. With our family, we can go anywhere tours and travel, and we feel safe and protected because are all family members who protect us from all the things family always try to secure us from the danger that is going to arise in our future.

The people who do not have a family are very lonely, and they do not get the love and happiness that a family has with them.

These people cannot share their feelings and thoughts with anyone, but who have family they can share the feeling and problem, any kind of information that they receive from outside they share with their family members and their family members also help them to sort out all the problems and any kind of things within the members of the family. The biggest gift of God is our family with whom we stay.

Happiness In The Family

When there is any kind of function, all the family members participate in it and celebrate it with great joy and happiness.

Family functions such as festivals or the birthday of their child in the family they celebrate their birthdays with great happiness and the also give so many gifts to the children and make their day full of happiness never let their kid’s happiness go down.

Kids also celebrate their mothers day and fathers day and also give so many gifts to their parents. A family full of members never be alone; they always support each other in their problems, and people are lucky to have this person in their families.

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