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Exercise is the activity which is done to keep our body healthy and fit. It is done to keep our body physically fit and healthy. Doing exercise is the very good thing for our body we should do exercise regularly as by this our body becomes fit and our mind also become fresh throughout the day.

Many people do exercise for some of their various reasons as some people do exercise to be fit or some people do for gaining muscles some do exercise to gain some weight some do exercise to prevent aging and be fit, for this process, there are many types of different exercises that help the body to be fit. This exercise can be done inside at home or also can be done outdoors in a gym or a park.

Types Of Exercises

There are mostly three types of exercise that have been done to keep the body physically fit and healthy; they are aerobic, anaerobic and flexibility exercises. In Arabic exercise, the main aim in this exercise is to keep the body physically fit, so the people who do aerobic exercise mostly do running, walking, cycling, swimming this type of exercises to keep their body fit.

This exercise can be practiced indoor and outdoor as well. In anaerobic exercise, this exercise leads to the weight gaining process and the people who do the aerobic exercise mostly include weightlifting, dumbbells and all the instruments in the gym that used to gain muscles are done in anaerobic exercise.

This exercises mostly done in the gym where is it is easy to gain weight by proper guidance of the trainers, and this aerobic exercise must need proper guidance to gain muscle.

And the third type of exercise is flexibility exercises as it says flexible this exercise is done to keep their bodies flexible no gaining weight or not any weightlifting is used in this exercise only stretching is done most people do yoga to add flexibility in their body.

By doing yoga our mind and health are fit throughout the day, and we can do any type of work with ease and without any stress.

Health Effects

If a person has some disease by doing regular exercises, he can become fit and slowly he can be able to cure his disease. By doing exercise, it can also reduce cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke.

If a person is under stress, he should start doing exercises and yoga to get relief from these stress, and by this, he could be able to fit his mind throughout the day.

With doing exercises there should also be a good amount of sleep a person should get. Every person should do exercise but he must do exercise according to his capacity over exercise must be harmful to their body.

Nowadays most people tend to be fit as there is more work among the people they did not get enough time to sleep, so they do exercises that help them to be fit. Exercises should be practiced regularly as they built our body, mind, and soul fit and healthy.

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