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The examination is the thing that is taken at schools and colleges to check the knowledge and the ability of their students. Not only in schools or colleges exams are those things which the life test with every person. Exams are the challenges that every person face at some point in their life.

In a school examination, there are many types of exams that are taken such as physical examination, aptitude test, an exam taken to write on paper also the exams are taken from a computer.

This examination checks the knowledge and skill, the ability of the student and what he had studied all the year. The result that we get from the examination is the more important thing as it tells what we have done all the year. In all the fields there are some challenges that a person has to face.

Examination In Schools And Colleges

Every year exams are taken in the school life. Teachers provide knowledge to their students and students improvise their knowledge by giving the examination. The marks that the student helps them to go to higher standards. The marks are also in the form of grades but the results that get in the main as it can tell about student knowledge and his abilities.

In India, there are many University boards that conduct exams in school and colleges. In school all students have to pass their 10th standard with good results so further they can be able to choose their right path in colleges. In college, there are many fields to choose for a student, and in every field, there are challenges set for every student.

If a student wants to become an engineer or doctor or lawyer there many entrance examination that has been conducted for these fields, in this entrance exam, the exams that have been taken are in the form of aptitude test. To choose the right path is also a great challenge for a student as it decides his future. By giving examination, we come to know that in which field or at which point we are lacking. This gives us a boost to work on it and to get good results next time.

Examination In Other Fields

Not only in schools or colleges or studies exams are also taken in all forms of life such as in sports exams has been taken as a competition who will come first is the main motive of the sportsman. There are also exams taken on the physical strength of the people; these exams are also taken in schools and colleges.

It is to check out the physical strength of a person. People who want to join military armies should focus on this examination as in this exams it challenges a persons strength, and it’s abilities.

There are also many exams that life takes of the people. Another thing is that while giving a test, we should not cheat it as it will not tell us about our knowledge and abilities that we have.

In life, whether people are poor or rich every person has to face some challenges in their life, and we should always be ready to face it, and examination is things that tell us what we lack in our lives and to work on it be.

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