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Ethics are the study of what are good and bad things to pursue in life and what is right or wrong to do in the conduct of life that was above all practical discipline it aims to determine how one person to live and what actions one does in the conduct of one’s life. Ethics is the way of living of the people.

Ethics are used to describe what is proper in life. With the help of ethics, a person has it’s himself the freedom to think and choose his right path for guiding the conduct of his life.

In the individual society through ethics, people have their character and their attitude in society. Ethics are also called as the response of a person to a situation with the situation is ethical to the truth.


Values are those things for a person that they have to believe in them that can motivate people to act one way or the other. As values can be said as the guise of personal behavior as an example people get their values from where they have been raised and who have thought them the values, people also believe the values in which culture they are.

From the past who have thought them the values in their culture people believes that those values are the right values that they have been thought from the past. Because of this cultural values that have been thought from the past, everyone has a different type of values has been taught so because of this it can lead to the conflicts between the different values, and it can lead to a clash of preference and priorities.

Some of the values have great worth in life such as love, truth and freedom are the main things of values in life. Values can also be described as the sacred values such as the responsibility of a people, for example, the national flag of their country represent by some as there responsibility, and some people think that the flag must be a piece of cloth and this is the things that differ in the values of people. So the values in everyone life has been decided as the main factor of living of a person in today’s life.

Use Of Ethics And Values In Life

Ethics and values for a person to live life are most important things every person should have ethics and values to live a life, and in all the fields ethics and values are being used to work properly.

An example of the value as can be said if one wants to make a friend with another they should have values with them they should be honest with one another and always be truthful with them.

Also, ethics can be said as if someone has stolen someone things so we should help the people whose things have been stolen and not to run away from the situation. Ethics and values are that are most important in our lives, and we should always follow them all through our lives.

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Updated: February 15, 2019 — 7:23 am

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