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Equality is a property of the individual or things everyone is treated equally on the expectation of respect and also behavior. The main role of equality is to provide and serve the equal opportunity to everyone. Equality is a system where there is no space for the word discrimination that is everyone is treated equally rather than discriminating the service by their identity and their religion rather than all are given equal service despite their religion and caste.

Equality is Intel which is very important for the development of the country as if everyone is given an equal opportunity for the development of the country then the rate of development of the country will also increase and also the socialism among the people will increase and also they will start helping each other which will bring a peace in the country. But it is impossible to treat equally and provide equal opportunity to everyone as everyone has a different behavior and them also some people who are not the capability of that opportunity and there are some people who are capable and they should be given the opportunity.

Gender Equality

It is a most important type of equality that is both the genders that are male and female should be treated equally, and there should not be any discrimination between them. The emails are physically active, and on the other hand, the females are mentally strong, but they both are capable of doing each other’s work.

Nowadays it is saying that various male work as a cook and also various mail who are working in an office which supports gender equality that is both of them can do anything in their life. Nowadays females are given more opportunity because they were deprived of opportunities in the earlier days and due to which the females are given more attention to developing themselves and also for the country. Both genders are given an equal amount of pride and post that is no one is greater than Each Other everyone is equal.

Equality In Education

Earlier it was seen that only the balls used to get the education and They used to get deprived of that and they used to sit at home and do household works. Earlier only boys have the right of going to school and getting education and girls were not allowed to go to school, but nowadays both of them have equal rights of going to the school and get the education.

To bring equality in education, the government have also launched various campaigns like beta padhao Beti Bachao in which there is various concession given for the girl’s education and also in some areas it is provided free, so the girl education gets promoted. Co-education has also played an important role to bring equality in education as it provides boys and girls to learn in a same school in the same class because of which the people feel free to send the girls for getting the education as it has education for both girls and boys.

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