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The word pollution means messing things up. At present we are surrounded by the problem of environmental pollution dangerously. And this problem can also be deadly for us in the future. The main reason for this terrible social problem is the deforestation and urbanization of industrialization forests which contaminate natural resources, which are used as daily needs of normal life.

Due to excessive use of trains on roads, petrol and diesel will also get more wastage, and air pollution is generated from the smoke emanating from the trains.

Effect On Human Health

All harmful pollutants in the environment pollution have an adverse effect on our health. There are types of pollution, which mainly include water pollution, air pollution, ground pollution, and noise pollution.

The industries are mass produced and chemical, toxic substances and gas are used in this process which is harmful to human health. The level of natural pollutants has increased greatly. All types of pollution are undoubtedly affecting the entire environment, and the ecosystem is affecting the quality of life.

From the idiot habits of man, the natural environment on the earth is getting worse every day. Pollution has become the most serious issue, and everyone has to face health-related diseases in their daily lives.

Life Is Very Difficult Without Nature

It is very important for all natural gaseous to remain on balance in the world. And this equilibrium remains by post, but we are cutting trees for our selfishness. Just think, what would happen if there were no trees on this planet, the trees absorbed carbon dioxide by them and left oxygen. If the trees are not in this world, then the evidence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will increase, and this will increase the risk of global warming.

Natural disasters can also come from manipulating natural resources. In today’s modern era we have done industrial development, but we have not been able to develop natural development. We have forgotten our nature in the process of industrial development. And this is why different diseases are emerging in the world today. Due to industrialization, the Survival System is rapidly changing in the life vanishing system.

If you think about the side effects of pollution, then they are very serious. Breathing in polluted air produces many lung and respiratory diseases. Drinking contaminated water causes stomach disorders to spread. Dirty water is also very harmful to living organisms. Sound pollution generates mental stress.

 Step Taken By Government

In the modern scientific era, it is difficult to eliminate pollution. Many types of government and non-governmental efforts have been proved to be unsuccessful. Everyone should think that they do not let the garbage dump and dirt gather around.


Water purification should be done in the reservoirs. Reduction of the use of coal and petroleum products should be made of maximum use of alternative energy sources such as solar energy, CNG, wind energy, biogas, LPG, hydropower. Adopting all these measures will greatly help in reducing air pollution and water pollution.

There is a need to take some concrete and positive steps to reduce noise pollution. Radio, TV, sound expander devices, etc. should be played in a low voice. The common use of loudspeakers should be restricted. Vehicles that use light-sounding sound indicators should be used. Home appliances should be used in such a way that they produce at least sound.

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