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The natural world surrounds our planet earth, and it is known as the Environment. An environment makes the area in which the human being, animal and other living thing grow and make the development.

No one in the world whether human or another living being like to live in a dirty environment. A clean and safe environment is necessary for everyone.

Without The Environment There Is No Life

The environment has all the resources which are essential for the living being to survive. Air, water, sunlight, soil everything is available in the background.

Without the presence of the environment, it is impossible to exist life on the earth. But, day by day, some people don’t care about themselves and also for others, they are rapidly destroying the environment for their selfish act.

The Cycle Of Nature

There is a life cycle running in nature to maintain the balance f the environment. However, sometimes this cycle of view was getting disturbed. As a result, human lives, as well as the life of another organism, were also affected.

It is only because of the environment that the human being is surviving and growing on the earth from thousands of years.

The Eagerness Of Human Being

The human beings said s the most intelligent living being n the earth. A human being had made advancement in all the technology. Similarly, the human always had a curiosity to learn about the new technology which can make the environment more beautiful.

As human has made advancement in all the field, they have been exploiting this beautiful environment day by day.

The Pollution

The pollution rate in all the three-term, i.e., air, water, and soil pollution have increased to a certain level that beyond it, everything will be destroyed. The reason for growing this pollution rate is due to improper management.

Causes And Result

Many industries and factories release their untreated water and toxic gas in the environment which make the environment toxic for another living being.

As a result, many creatures who lives in the water and inhale the oxygen found in atmospheric air die or get suffered from some diseases.

Depletion Of Natural Resources

There are two types of natural resources renewable and nonrenewable available in nature. Now, the renewable resource can be obtained from view again, but the nonrenewable resources cannot be obtained.

The demand for nonrenewable resources is much higher due to the development. But, the human being cannot make the proper use of those resources, and as a result, these nonrenewable resources are depleting at a faster rate.

Government Initiation

The government has taken the initiation, for the betterment of the environment. Many advertise were published on the platform of social media regarding the same. Many organization is working for general awareness related to the environment.


Due to the selfish acts of the human being, The environment and the creature who cannot speak suffered a lot. Every individual must take care of the environment.

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