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If we talk about the environment well it is a gift given by God to the human beans. And if we talk about the development it is a creativity of the human to live life in a better manner.

Environment is Important

If we talk about the environment we should always remember that it is given by God and we should take care of it. Today whatever we have in nature is given by the court and we should always be thankful for this.

We as human beans do not even think before using the environment just imagine if the environment was chargeable what would be the scenario. Well, it would be the worst scenario to imagine because if we have to pay for the environment we could have lost everything of our self.

We cannot do anything for God that he has given us such a beautiful environment. The only thing we can do Is keep nature cleaner and grow the environment around us. This would be thanks to God and a healthy environment for our upcoming generation.

Development by Human Beings

If we look around us we will find the development of the human beings they have created so many things for their better life. The things which were an imagination for everyone today humans have achieved even that goals.

No one can now see that anything is impossible. When it comes to humans everything is possible and buys their talent and skills you can see it by yourself. Today the entire world is appreciating the hard work of humans and using it in their daily needs.

Well before it was very hard to accept the changes but today humans understand that the changes which are done are good for themself. This is the reason that the changes are getting so quickly that we can’t even imagine.

What Is An Important Environment or Development

In the essay we can see that both things are very much important we cannot even choose one thing at a time. If we select the environment we will ignore the development which is very much important for the environment also.

But now it comes to the development and if we ignore the environment we have to face the consequences in the present and the Future. No one wants that their future should be in dark but no one either wants that the future should not have a good environment.

Both things are equally dependent on each other both things are very much important for the human beans. Humans want the environment to live and the development to live a better way. Humans could never select between the environment and development because both things are the need of human beings.

Today we can see a balance of the development and the environment in our surroundings. We just have to manage it for the next few years so that our upcoming generation could take it over and then they start managing it.

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Updated: February 24, 2020 — 11:38 am

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