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Every person has some purpose in his life which he wants to fulfill. We all are constantly trying to fulfill the same objectives. Money is needed to fulfill the basic needs of our life.

That is why every person sets a goal in such a way that he can also earn a lot of money and can work for the interest of the development of society. I am talking about the goal of becoming an engineer. It is the best career.

About Engineers

Engineers have a very important contribution to building the country’s structure. Engineering is a wide field that includes Electrical, Electronic, Computer Science, Mechanical, Information Technology, Civil, Chemical, Mining, Biochemical Engineering, etc.

Every engineer thinks of something new and is able to do something new. For this, they work hard. Their dreams are towards the progress of the country.

Everyone Dreams to Become an Engineer

India Of My Dreams In today’s new era, there are various career options like you can become a teacher, a doctor, an astronomer, you can become a government official, or go into defense, etc.

But apart from all this, today everyone is choosing a career option of engineering. Not only can you earn money by becoming an engineer, but you can also gain fame by inventing new technologies but doing so will also give self-satisfaction.

My Dream is To Become an Agricultural Engineer

It has been said that engineering has proved to be the backbone of today’s modern era. If I had to become an engineer, I would be an agricultural engineer. Because I have been watching the farmers struggling since childhood.

Our agricultural country really needs today’s youth. If I had been an engineer, I would have helped the farmers in their agricultural work.

I will try to invent such techniques to help them in their agricultural work. By bringing new technologies in agriculture, a big change can be made in the lives of farmers.

What Is An Engineer’s Help in Agriculture?

From growing the crop to selling, the farmers have to go through the processes between the technicians. If engineers make these technologies simple and inexpensive, then the economic life of the farmers will improve. Some such machines have been invented which have changed the definition of agriculture.

Land levelers, rotavators, seed drill machines, harvesters, driverless tractors, and planters, etc. all are the best machines that help in agriculture. This is all due to mechanical engineers.

Several methods of irrigation have also developed. Many techniques have been invented in this era of engineering, which has led to rapid development in agriculture. Even I want to invent many new things so that there will be no problem regarding agriculture. There are also various fields of agricultural engineering.


I want to work for the good of the farmers. I want to try to make the best use of my knowledge in the field of agriculture. I want to use all my theoretical knowledge in the development of agriculture. If I become an engineer, I would really do it.

Updated: March 24, 2020 — 11:31 am

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