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Electricity can be said as the presence and the flow of the electric charge currents it can be said as the flow of electrons through the conductors such as in the copper wires. We can say that electricity is the main thing or as the powerhouse through which all the things such as machines industries and many of the electrical things works and without electricity there is nothing in today’s world.

Electricity can also be created naturally. By the use of water electricity has been created naturally, and because of the natural resources like water, we can use electricity all through our lives. Electricity used in many things there are mostly two types of electricity such as when the chargers are not moving they are called as static electricity, and the other is when the charges moves are called as the dynamic electricity. Electricity forms in two ways as the positive form and the negative form, and it can also be generated by the power stations. The natural resources water also helps in the production of electricity. The Other type of electricity through which the electric can be generated such as the lightning form but this form of lightning is very much dangerous as it creates more amount of volts that can harm.

Uses Of Electricity

In this today’s world electricity is the thing which is used mostly by the people as the main thing, and work of electricity is to remove darkness from the life of the people as in the past there were no electricity and people used to light candles and fire and they cannot use the things which we use now which runs through electricity. Electronic things such as television computers and many of the things that runs through electricity would not be able to run when there is no power as in the present computer is the main electronic gadget that has been used all over the world with computers people can do anything at any time and to run the computer electricity is needed. All the industries machines are run on electricity, and in today’s world mostly more works are done through electricity.

Electricity A Harmful Thing

Electricity is very much useful for the people, but it also has many disadvantages because of the electricity people can also lose their life as good amount of current that is running through the wires, and it can create a great shock and because of this people can lose their life. As we use the normal form of wires, it can cause the short circuit at any time, and because of this we should always be aware of the electricity and always make the distance from it. When the amount of volt that has been running in the wire and if a person touched it with their bare hands they could get shocked. There are many instances that have been noted of the death of a person by electrically such as in trains many people died as a train runs of major volts, and if any people get touched by it, they die. We should do the use of electricity but not do the overuse of electricity by which it can harm our life.

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