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Essay On Election In India For Class 4 Students Easy Words – Read Here

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It is a process by which the group of people makes the choices, and select the one representative for themselves.

Adult Franchise

As the human being is also a type of resource which helps to conclude in any matter. The government of India has given the authority of voting to an individual who will be of 18 years or above. It means an adult of eighteen years or above has the right to give their valuable vote for electing the representative or minister.

There is no other condition imposed on an individual for the voting. In India, we get the chance to vote while selecting the representative of Lok Saba, The state legislative assembly and local bodies of the gram panchayat.

Election Processes

The president of India elects the Chief Election Commissioner of India

Now the chief election commissioner can be removed only when the process of impeachment is prescribed by the Judge of Supreme Court.

The election commissioner works with the help of central and state government when any of these deployed in the election duty the government deemed for the deputation to the government.

The System Of Election

India is divided into different constituencies. The candidate from the following party asks the vote. Now, the people choose their candidate and give the vote to them to get elect for the representative. The voters should have to visit the election center of the area, over there, they find the electronic machine which has the label of the candidate and a button, as soon as the voter give their vote there comes the beep sound and the process of voting is over.

Later on, there is the management person who will put a black mark ink on the first finger of the voter, this is the sign which tells that the person has given their valuable vote.

Now, a day will be selected for declaring the result of the voting. Here the counting will be done of all the parties candidate and whoever secured the highest vote, that party candidate will be the next leader.

Conduction Of The Election

Whenever the time arrives for the new election, there is a notification issued by the election commission. The commission will consult with the state administration and appoints the returning officers. The candidate who contested the election strictly adheres to the codes. If the candidate fails to follow the same they will be punished severely.

The commission keeps the entire watch on the process. The result of the vote is mainly get declared by the district magistrate who becomes the returning officer.


Hence, democracy is held with celebration and enthusiasm. It is nothing but the voting of an Indian citizen who elects the leader and representative of the government. It is the duty of every citizen to choose the right and loyal candidate for the betterment of the future. People should take participation in the election process.

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