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Earth is the place where all human beings live. The earth has been divided into different countries. But overall the whole country comes into a single earth. The most common problem which most of all the country faces is an earthquake.

Shaking of Earth

What does earthquake mean when an earthquake means shaking of the earth. It is the time when the earth shakes and all the things fall apart. People are facing this problem for a very long time and today also there are places where the earthquake is very common.

The building collapses the houses become the ashes and many more disasters just because of this earth quick. The scientists and the government is trying to find a cure for this earth quick. But still, it is impossible to find any kind of cure for this earthquake.

Destruction From Earthquake

Now you must be thinking what kind of discussion could be done just by shaking the earth. Well, we can’t even imagine what kind of destruction could be done because if we move the roots of any plant it “vibrates the whole tree. And any tree can fall down just by moving the roots.

People have faced so many earthquakes, volcanic earthquakes And explosive earthquake this is the earthquakes which people have faced in the last few decades. Now everyone has some kind of security measures to be done in this kind of earthquakes.

These earthquakes happen from the core of the earth. The reason behind this earthquake is still unknown but there are few conception theories. The earthquake occurs because of the earth‘s core and its pressure. Because of this pressure, the earthquake occurs and we all have to face that disaster because of it.

Effects of Earthquakes

If you talk about the effect when the effects are not so good in the crowded place. The places which are crowded and the earthquake appears over there are chances that very few number of people could survive from that earthquake. There are also effective on landslide earthquakes and a quick can also cause soil liquefaction.

The earthquakes can also result in a fire this happened because the earthquake damages the electrical or any gas station. This could be dangerous and the people will be also in a very dangerous situation if the earthquake is somewhere near to the electrical poles or any gas station. The people must evacuate that place as soon as possible because it could be dangerous to stay there.

Earthquakes in The Oceans

The earthquake which comes from the ocean is terrifying we can’t even imagine disaster which could happen from the ocean earthquake. There are places where the Ocean earthquake has appeared several times. But still, people live there and whenever there is a chance of Ocean earthquake they leave that place. And start living away from that place.

Once the Ocean earthquake is gone they come back to stay in their houses but unfortunately. Most of the houses are being drowned in the water.

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