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Our planet where we live we all just say that we are from India we are from USA we are from China but we all forget that we all live in the same planet earth. Well earth comes third in the solar system but then too it has a very important thing in it which is human being because we haven’t found any kind of living Preacher out of Earth.

Human Being on Earth

After the existence of the human been started living on it before human being came into the existence of there were only the animals, and we can even say that our ancestors were the animals most probably monkeys because they have most of the things similar to us.

The first living creature on earth was not the human being it was the dinosaurs but according to a theory or meteorite crashed on earth. And after that all the dinosaurs wiped out from the existence of earth. Still we have few skeletons of the dinosaurs from which we can expect what kind of living being was existing before the human race was born.

Pollution on Earth

We all know that before the man and got into the existence of it there was no pollution the only thing was the fresh air.

The nature and the healthy human being but after the human race  started thinking and developed unnecessary products for their use in the air is getting polluted because of that and in the start it was just few things but now  human being has destroyed the entire earth for its own needs.

Every human being should understand how important is for them and what all resources are required to be live on this earth. Water your air natural things are the basic requirements of a human being but human being has destroyed all of them by them self and started searching for food water and air on other planets.

Why to Save Earth?

Well we all have this question why should we save the earth. There are so many other people who can do this but just think that if everyone starts thinking like this does the earth will be in the existence or not.

Why it is important that it should be neat and clean so that every human being can live on this for another thousand years. Because if we use all the resources all the facilities right now there will be nothing left for a walk future generation.

We should always make sure that whatever we are using is having some or the other limit so that our future generation can also see what different things we have left for them.

How to Save the Earth

Now you must be having a question how can we save the earth well it is very simple we just have to do few simple and basic things so that the earth can save by we should stop doing air pollution we should never waste water if we control this to most important thing we can easily save the earth.

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