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As human being we should always understand that there are so many places where the water is not even there to drink. Drinking water is the most important thing in a human’s body but there are places where we cannot even get sufficient water to drink.


Most of the places are getting dry and this is the main reason of getting less water growth of plants. Well as we are cutting down the trees and in the forest this problem is getting too much.

A slowly and study this could be one of the biggest issues which the human race has to face in the future. If we do not look at this problem in a serious way we could not stop this problem for a very long time and we have to look for some kind of alternative for these problems.

Water Flow in Low Surface Area

Well, the most important thing which saves the water for the entire year is the river and lake but because of the high temperature in the summers the rivers and the lakes get dry very much soon.

This causes a problem of water irrigation, the water supply is been stopped because of this kind of issue and then different kinds of problems faced because the water is not being saved properly.

Global Warming

One of the most important reasons because of which we are facing this problem. Global warming is one of the highest-rated issues faced by human beings in this problem.

The whole atmospheric layer is getting affected because of this kind of harmful rays and this is rising the temperature level of water. Once the water is been evaporated from the rivers and lakes it takes the whole year to come back and produce them the same amount of water.

So we should make sure that we save the water in such a place where pollution is nearly impossible to reach.

Agriculture Loss

Because of this kind of issues, the most lost sector which we can see in our Indian culture is the agriculture sector. In this sector, the whole system depends upon the water.

But as we are facing these issues the water level is not getting directly to the surface of the ground so the agriculture sector gets affected very much from this kind of issue.

Farmers Lost Farming

Farmers are the ones who face this kind of issues and they are not even getting any kind of reimbursement for it. The government is not looking for the problems which the farmers are facing right now.

It is one of the great problems which a farmer had to face the government should take some decisions for them to start some kind of schemes from which the farmer could get a proper amount of water. Too at least grow crops and then he could save money for themself which could help them in the next year when they start working on the new crops.

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Updated: January 11, 2020 — 10:09 am

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