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Dowry is an old tradition in India. It is mentioned in the time of the marriage of the mother and daughter, devotees of wealth to the bridegroom by giving wealth, gifts, etc. to the bride, as part of the inheritance. Dowry is now a lapse, which is never quiet. The greedy parents of the groom wish that the girl should continue to bring something to her parents and keep her home.

They think of their boy as a money-making machine and fowl to a poor daughter-in-law, who keep them sleeping every day. How long can parents fulfill their daughter’s demand? Then they also know that whatever daughter is doing, she is saying not because of her daughter’s but the pressure of in-laws.

Strict Action Has Been Taken Against Dowry

If the request has not been fulfilled, then it may be that he is begged to be tortured, and it is not impossible that he should be killed. Not knowing how many young people burn and report the news of killing in newspapers.

A strict law has been made by the government to stop the dowry. According to this law, dowry is considered to be both crimes. If the crime is certified, punishment and fines have to be filled. This law has been made more rigid by amending in the earliest times.

What Is There In Dowry?

But it seems that somewhere there is a lack of taking dowry. People from all parties take a lot of money in front of marriage before they get angry. As far as luggage is concerned, color TV, sofa set, wardrobe, dining table, clock, rings – all these things are already sent to enhance the beauty of the family or are given at the time of marriage. The rest is saved, and eaters drink it, and people go away.

Corporation Of Both Families

Initially, there is a combination between both the bride and the bride, and therefore the whole vigilance is carried out by both. If everything goes on happily, then all is kept secret; otherwise, all the secrets are uncovered when there is an accident. There is no courage in the people of the girl or the daughter-in-law that they should make sure that they will get married if the dowry otherwise not.

I Am Reducing The Dowry

The social evil of dowry cannot be prevented only by the law. To prevent this person should change the mentality of the people. The traditions of doing marriages in their caste must be broken and encourage inter-state marriages; Then the chances of taking dowry will decrease, and marriage will become wider.

The intersection of inter-state and international marriages has started, if ever it has gained popularity and encourages social promotion, then it can be expected that there will be an in the practice of taking dowry. If the government wants this practice to be closed, it can be partially eliminated. The government should arrange for those couples to provide employment or to lend money in the business, who want to get married without a dowry.

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