Dowry Prohibition Act

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In the 21st Century, dowry practices for developing India are working as a code. Dowry system is a stigma for our country which is increasing day by day. It has become so disgusting like boils that now the daughter-in-law of the daughter-in-law has begun to take life.

Dowry is not less than any terrorism. Clutches of dowry practice are rife everywhere. Its roots have become so strong that people of poor or poor people have tightened their grip.

Role Of Government

The Indian government has made many laws against the practice of dowry, but those laws have no bearing on our conservative thinking people. Taking dowry is considered a matter of pride, the more the dowry gets, the more proud it is, and it crushes the entire village. While dowry is not a matter of pride, it is a matter of shame.

What Is The Dowry System In India

When the groom wants to marry the bride’s side, it is a dowry practice to ask for any rupees, car, goods and other luxuries. Dowry and giving both come under the category of crime under Indian law. Due to being a male-dominated country, women are exploited in our country. Dowry system of the same exploitation is a form.

Matter Of Pride

Taking dowry has become a matter of pride among the people, he thinks that if we do not take dowry then we will not have any respect in society. Therefore, the girls are demanding as much dowry as possible from the girls. With the shield of old customs, it has been made a custom of marriage, which has been adopted by every section of India well.

Hollow Thinking

No one wants to speak against it, nor does anyone want to hear because everybody in it sees their selfishness. The dowry system has made people’s thinking so hollow that if they do not get dowry then they refuse to marry and if some people marry, then they torture the bride for dowry, exploit it. It is because of which his parents are forced to give dowry.

At present, a new dimension has been made for taking dowry, according to which the groom’s income is as high, the more dowry will get. Dowry practice has become very popular nowadays in middle-class people.

Origin Of Dowry Practice

In the olden times, some items were given to the boys by the girl’s side as gifts, like horses, goats, camels, etc. But then as the progress in India, the mindset of thinking about thinking of people changed too.

The items which got the gift of gift to the girls, now they have begun special demands for giving gifts to the girl. Since this special demand started from the side of the boys, dowry practice had begun.

Another aspect of this is that when the girl and boy were married, they were given some rupees for their financial support so that they can live their lives properly.


If you take or give dowry or support it, then you are also guilty of law, you are also helping to increase it, so whenever you see this happen, protest against it and inform the police.

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