Domestic Violence

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What Is Domestic Violence:

When there is an aggressive behavior is done against the women, by the inlaw or typically it is done by the partner of the women, it is called domestic violence. It also has another name as family violence.

Types Of Domestic Violence

There we find many kinds of domestic violence mainly; Physical, sexual, emotional, economical in which there are subtypes.

Physical Violence

In this violence, the women are injured, beaten up by the in-laws or by the partner of the female. This violence is done to control the victim. In some of the cases, the victim is deprived away from rest and are forced to have drugs or alcohol, etc. these also come under physical abuse.

Even during the pregnancy, many women tolerate the physical abuse of the inlaws. There is a high chance for the same immediately after the birth of a child.

Acid Attacks

It is a type of revenge which is taken by the ex-lover or the current partner of the women. The toxic acid is thrown on the face of the women to give her pain for a whole life, mean to make her look ugly or to make her completely blind. In India, there are many cases of acid attacks.

Dowry Killing

The Indian government has imposed a ban on the dowry intake, but still many families demand dowry. Even after the marriage, the daughter in law is physically or mentally abuse to ask or bring money from her parents if she refuses, the inlaws make her burn alive, or shot her dead, showing the matter as an accident.

Sexual Abuse

In this violence, the act of having sex is made forcefully with the women. Here the accused can be anyone; he can be the relative of the women or their husband.

In some of the cases, the women are forced to make a relation with the person for the profit of the family, generally in-laws and husband force for this.

Emotional Abuse

Many women tolerate emotional abuse. Threats, public humiliation, constant personal devaluation, stalking, etc. these are the forms which come under emotional abuse.

Due to this type of abuse, many women have ended up their life, gone into depression. Victims think that their partner has the right to have control over them.

Economic Abuse

This a type of abuse which is made mainly by the partners of the women. Here, women are deprived of spending money. Their partner will give them a specific amount, and at the end of the day, there will be a vast calculation on the expenditure.

In such cases, the women are not allowed to have the food, clothes of her choices — these results in the malnutrition of the women.


It is not so that the uneducated women are only suffering from domestic violence; even many literate women are facing this inside the four walls of their house. If any of the women raises her voices against domestic violence, primarily her parents tell her to keep shut for the sake of society.

There are many NGOs and government project who works for domestic violence. Every woman must raise their voice for herself as well as for others.

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