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What Is Doklam

Doklam is one of the Chinese languages and also the name of one plateau and valley which is lying between the Tibet’s valley to the north, Bhutan valley to the east and Sikkim state of the Indian country to the west.

However the dispute between the two countries India and China is not solved yet, the area has great importance to all the three countries. The biggest military standoff has occurred between the counties

The Dispute Between India And China

There is a region which originally belongs to the state of Jammu and Kashmir but China is claiming that it is the part of the Chinese region named Xinjiang. After the war of 1962, China made its administration over the region. The area covered by this border is 38000 sq, km. it is said as the second largest India Chinese border.

Central Sector

India has the sovereignty over the Sikkim, this was recognized by the china but the trade was initiated at the Nathu La Pass.

Eastern Sector

China claims the border of Arunachal Pradesh of its own territory. It is the land covering the area 90000sq, km. Formally the name is given to the area is North East Frontier Agency.

India China War Of 1962

The reason for the war was the dispute because of the sovereignty of Aksa Chin and Arunachal Pradesh. Also, there was much reason for the same.

The war occurred as many conflicts aroused many military incidents happened between both the nation viz, India and China. The whole summer season of 1962 passed in the disputes.

On October 1962, the people liberation army of China entered in India through the Ladakh route also oi invade the Arunachal Pradesh.

After the long war, a ceasefire was declared by China on 19th November 1962. China made a significant advance on both the front and with the vast setback, China defeated India badly.

Conflicts Of The War

Both the troops of the countries means the Chinese troops started entering in the Indian area and the Indian force started coming in the Chinese area.

As a result, the Indian military sent the Chinese military back peacefully, and thus the India China border always remains peaceful. The different result in the success of India.

Resolving Border Dispute

The representative of the Tibet, China, and British India convection was held in the Shimla. There the British Indi and Tibet signed the agreement, but China disagreed the same.

As China rejects the agreement, the Tibet does not have the power for the conclusion of treaties.

India and China agreed on the establishment in the year 2012 for the working mechanism of consultation and coordination in India China border.


There are no policies suffices for the solution of the disputes. China is the one who supports the Tibet issue while India continues in holding the Tibetian card unless and until the difference will be solved. The change which occurs in the global and regional picture has taken the china towards assertive regionalism.

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