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Dogs are the domestic animals which are kept at home as a pet by some people. Dogs are originally the breed of wolves.

As dogs are the breed of wolves they are kept as a pet by humans for a long time; dogs are the first ever animal who is domesticated.

Dogs are kept as a pet because they are a very playful animal which human can easily depend on them as the dogs can do their work easily.

They are very much loyal to their owners. Dogs can also be used as a personal messenger, and some of the dogs are police dogs which are used to find a thief as their sense of smell is very strong. Most of the dogs are also used in armies.

The food for the dog is known as Pedigree, or else Dog eat both meat and vegetables as well, and it is sold in the market as well. The baby of the dog is called a puppy.

The Origin And Lifespan Of The Dog 

As dogs are the breed of the wolves, it is proved by some of the DNA test that has been done and the fossils that have been discovered over 31,000 years ago. Dogs have been living with humans for many years, they have become family members of some of the people.

All the breed of dogs has a different life span as the smaller dogs live more than, the bigger dogs. Some of the breeds of the dogs mostly live to a maximum of 15 years, and some of them live to 6 or 7 years.

Some breed of dog such as a great Dane lives about ten years. There is a total of 800 breeds of dogs. Dogs with the parent of the same breed are known as Pedigree dogs, and some of the dogs which the parents of a dog breeds are not the same breed are no longer Pedigree dogs are called as mutts or the mixed breed dogs.

Dogs And Humans  

Humans usually like to pet two types of the breed; they like to guide both the breed and include both of them as their family members. Some of the people keep a dog as their pets because dogs have a great sense of smelling so when there is a Robbery down in their place so the down can help them to find the thief.

The dog can also be kept to watch the house when the people are not at home. Mostly the breed Labrador is kept as a pet. In armies mostly Jerman Shepherd, Doberman breed is used.

Many people take dogs to the park and play with them. So as it is said that dog is a best friend of humans it is true as when there are no friends to play dogs are used as a companion and a friend for every people who have dogs.

They play with them and with playing with dogs their stress gets easily relieved. Many big known people own a dog with them.

If we find any of the stray dogs, we should feed them or should give some water to them. So dogs are a good companion and a friend of humans.

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