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The first ever domesticated animal was Dog. Dogs are the type of mammals, and basically, they are the breeds of wolves.

Till now the dog is referred to as the loyal and friendly animal. If one thinks to keep any animal as a pet the first option comes to their mind is a dog. In India according to the survey among all the pet animal dog ranks first.


We find many breeds of dogs.  Some basic types of dogs are Hunting dogs, companion dogs, working dogs, within these we get subtypes too. Further, we get to see street dogs, wild dogs, pet dogs, etc.

Body Structure

Different dogs have different types of the body structure. Some dogs possess long leg but some short. Even we get variation in their weight gain.

Eyes and Teeth

Apart from the body structure of the dog, they have very sharp eyes and teeth.


Depending upon the breed we get a variation on their tails too. Some have softly curled tails while some have a thorny type.


Dogs also possess very sharp sound detecting system.


The dogs also have very sharp nostril they can smell the thing from so far. In research, it is found that dogs smelling capability is better than wolves. This is the reason High Agencies of Investigation department keep dogs to catch the culprits/criminals.


Dogs also possess taste buds. Nearly they have 1800 taste buds on their tongue.


Dogs eat meats as well as they also consume milk, biscuits, bread, etc.


Among all the animal, the dog seems the most loyal and loving animal. If the master of a dog trained them perfectly than the dog can perform every type of task.

The dog even understands the way of behaving of humans. Like we have seen in many movie dogs do like shaking hands,  fetching balls, etc.

Whether the master of dog is poor or rich, he will never betray them. Because dogs only wish for love.

Dogs are very brave, and also they have very strong patience power. As they are loyal and brave can sacrifice life their if they see there is something harming to their master.

In short, we can say that the dog is a social animal.

Life Span

Normally dogs have a life duration of about ten to thirteen years. The aging of dogs depends on genetics too. Generally, it is seen that that dog which gets proper nutrition, care lives longer than the dog which does not get these facilities.

It is the responsibility of the master to take care of the dogs. They should be taken out daily for a walk, for time to time vaccination.

Government Projects

The government should take steps for the care of street dogs. Many time we see some of the street dogs gets an injury on roads. Sometimes they die in high winter.


Sometimes wild dogs become very dangerous, but in the case of pet dogs, they are loving and loyal and quite active.

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