Caste Discrimination In India

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Discrimination is a thing when the person is treated very badly and unfairly through his caste. Mostly discrimination is done with the people of the downward classes, and it is done by the people of the upper-class people this people do not include these downward class people in them and discriminate against each other.

The upper-class people come together and put down the morality of the lower class people as they are from particular groups they do not involve them in their cast.

Mostly the downward class people distributed by the upper-class people because of their religion, age, sex and by the past criminal records of those people.

This person has also been distributed by there lifestyle and their way of living or how they maintain their clothing. The disabled people are also not involved by the upper-class people and always been kept them as lower people.

Discrimination In Past

This concept of discrimination has come from the past, and it is created a great offense in the past as the upper-class people such as the kings treated very badly with the lower class people and treated them as their servants. Mostly the discrimination is done between the racism that comes from the past.

The difference between white people and black people has created a great offense in the past. In the past, it was only allowed to the white people to go anywhere and get anything, and these black people wear treated as their servants.

There were many instances that created the difference between these white people and the black people such as there is a beach in South Africa which is only allowed to the white people, and it was strictly not allowed to the black people, and if a black man got into that breach he was being treated as a criminal.

Not only in racism but the lower class people are not getting their jobs properly only the upper-class people get a good job, and lower class gets as a servant.

Discrimination In Today’s world

Discrimination in today’s world has come to a little effect from the past. Mostly the government of all over the world has taken this problem of discrimination seriously and working on it, and they tried to get all the people equally.

In India, discrimination has been done within the cast as there is much lower caste that has been given major opportunities and it has been worked well.

As India is a democratic country, all the people spread happiness equally and enjoy equally there is no such discrimination in racism or anything that is included in India.

The racism problem that has been held in the past in South Africa has also been undertaken by the government, and their government is working on it, and they also treat their white people and the black people equally.

And the problem of discrimination in racism is getting solved. This problem of discrimination should be solved all over the country, and all the people should be treated equally.

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