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When there is a rise in global warming in the environment, and it leads to the disasters as the disaster is a thing which destroys the whole area within a second and there are many natural disasters that are happening in the world.

Not only the natural disasters that are happening but there are also many human disasters that people are creating amongst them and as these are destroying the environment and because of this it would take no time to destroy the whole world as when the disaster take place it changes the complete life of the people within a second. When natural disasters or human disasters are happening, it destroys the whole country, and the country suffers a great loss.

 Different Types Of Disasters 

There are mostly two types of disasters that can cause by the natural ways or by the human ways the natural disasters cannot be able to stop by the people as they happened because of the rise in the global warming and it can come at any time as the natural disasters like flood it can come anytime as we have no idea of it as when there are heavy rains and rise in the water level the flood comes as there is being overflowed of the water from the reservoirs and it can have the power to destroy the whole area within a second.

Not only the flood but there is also another natural disaster that happens like earthquake mostly last only for few seconds but it can destroy the whole country within the few seconds, and it can come anytime naturally. So the disaster caused by nature cannot be stopped by the people.

The Disaster that Causes By Humans

Disasters that cause by humans are mostly the technical disaster such as the industrial accidents by spilling of the oil or the nuclear explosion of radiation. Many people of the different countries attacks and do terrorism and because of this terrorist country has to face the disaster.

All the country get destroyed because of this terrorism to stop this disaster; it is only in the hand of humans. Many things get destroyed by this disaster and to rebuild the whole country there will also be a great loss of economy. The human disaster that people create amongst themselves should be stopped, and it is only in the hand of the people to stop this disaster.

Measures To Control The Disasters

To Control the disasters there are many measures that are being taken by many countries as the human resources that are caused by the humans the people are being told that they should not do the deforestation through which there would be no rise in the global warming and because of this the natural disaster could get so slowly but it would get solved in the future and the rise of global warming could get control.

The human disaster that the people create by doing terrorism should be controlled among the countries as all the countries should be one United so because of this they could be able to solve the natural disaster problem as well and could be able to control this human disaster.

Many disaster management activities and measures should be ensured by all the countries to get protected from these natural calamities and the disaster that they create.

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