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Disaster is the thing that happens in the people’s lives and the life of the people change completely. Disaster destroys the life of the people and changes their living lifestyle.

In the limited amount of time, the life of the people gets destroyed by this disaster that takes place. Disaster can be of many types but mostly the people get disaster by the natural disasters that cause the earthquakes or many volcano eruptions.

When the disaster happens in any country the country suffer a great loss as many people lost their lives and the whole country gets destroyed. If the disaster happens in the country which is getting developed day by day this can affect the countries development.

Natural Disaster

Natural disasters are the disaster that happens through the earthquake and the flood that cause unknowingly, this disaster may lead to the of life of many people, many people get injured all the property and buildings the works of the people get destroyed by these natural disasters and the whole environment get damaged.

Volcanic eruption and cyclones may also lead to the natural disasters. As there is much growth of the population and there is also no control over the pollution that created by the people that have been increasing day by day and these things can affect the environment and because of this, the natural disasters take place.

This disaster stops the countries growth and their development and these get many hazardous effects over the country for a longer period of time. Not only the natural disasters but there are also many disasters that are caused by humans. To rebuilt the country properly the economy of the country has also been getting destroyed.

Disaster Management

Disaster management is the process which is done to manage the disaster that has been caused to the whole country by the natural disaster or by the disaster created by the humans.

As there are many countries who come in the earthquake-prone region the government of this countries should manage all the disaster that has been done and should take every measure for not happening this disaster again.

Our country India has also been in the region of natural disasters as there are been many cases of the disasters from the past.

Such as a case of the super cyclone that has occurred in Orissa in October 1999 and the earthquake in Gujarat in January 2001 this cases of natural disasters has got the very adverse effect on our country mostly our economy has been affected very much.

In the year 1977 also a cyclone has affected India in Tamilnadu that has destroyed the area totally because this southern part of India comes in the coastal areas. Mostly the areas which are near to the coastal part are under the danger of this natural disasters.

This area should undertake some precautions to get away from this natural disaster. From then our government has taken good measures to acquired problems of the disaster that would take place in future.

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