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Science has made a lot of progress in today’s era. Science has made many beautiful inventions. Today’s age is an era of working. Today’s man feels physically and mentally exhausted due to race and running throughout the day. He wishes for innovation to overcome this exhaustion.

Important Invention

Physical exhaustion can be overcome by rest, but recreation is needed to overcome mental fatigue. Due to the shortage of time, the person needs such a tool that can entertain him while sitting at home. Television is the most crucial invention of today’s era, which is an entertainment tool.

The Miracle Of Science

Science has created a miracle to fulfill the purpose of man. Education can also be obtained from television. There is a great desire to see distant objects in man’s mind. Due to science, distant objects, places, and individuals can be easily seen. The events far away from television can be presented in front of our eyes.


Television is an excellent gift of science, but it is possible to misuse any object. If seen practically, the obstacle in the place of television Examiner and Assistant has been proved more for the youth of today. The activities of children and adults are limited to the rooms.

Students Get Affected

Most students are interested in programs that are related to programs without regard to education. They choose programs that are juicy and interesting such as movies, songs, games, serials, etc. Violence is shown in such applications in such programs; more emphasis is placed on teaching the scene of new ways of deceit, fraud, deceit, and danger are reported.

Children Become Sluggish

If people are forgetting their religions and looking at the programs, all the work in the house will stop. Children’s mentality is sick with inadequate programs. Children become weak and sluggish. All of these have a significant impact on our youth. Theft, robbery, robbery and everything in society is the result of this.

The Restriction Should Be Made On The Programme

In any home, there will be an atmosphere of tension, and the worst impact of television is on the eyes first. In small towns of the city, TV has to be closely watched, whose terrible effect falls on the eyes. There are no restrictions on the government on the programs that promote only violence, and the youth class becomes confused by seeing them. It is essential to control it.

Bad Effect

All programs on television are not viewable for students. Seeing such programs is having a terrible impact on the soft mind and brain of the children. If children are busy on television all the time, then their health will have a terrible effect. If TV gets damaged, it is very costly to repair it.


No, doubt television is also beneficial sometimes, but as it is said that every coin has a two side in the same way, the television also has some side effect. It has many ill effects on children’s mind and physical health.

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