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Essay On Disadvantage Of Social Media For Students – Read Here

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What Is Social Media:

When the interaction occurs among many people, and they exchange the information with each other it is known as social media. Media has secured the place on the internet and television.

As it is said, every coin has two sides in the same way there are some benefits of social media as well as drawbacks too.


Entertainment can be brought through the platform of social media. People post their individual or group photos and wait eagerly for the likes and comment from their social media friends.

The adults and the old age people feel very glad when they interact or see the pictures of their children or of the relative who stays far away from them.

Social media is playing a vital role in spreading the happiness from the teenager to the old age people.


Social media has proved an excellent platform to communicate with the people who are far away. The old memories can be brought again through the pictures and videos. The people also can make new friends on the platform of social media.


Many people interact on the platform of social media, meet with each other and if found the perfect partner for each other, moved for the wedding.

Many marriage bureaus work online for creating the perfect match.

Job Opportunities

Many jobs are offers on the platform of social media. The candidate selects the job according to their need and applies for the same. Social media even gives opportunities to many people to fulfill their dream.


Due to social media, the business entrepreneur has a great opportunity to expand their business.

Fulfilling The Urgent Requirement

The immediate requirement of an individual can be easily overcome through social media. There are many companies related to food items, accessories and many more who give quick response or delivery to an individual.

Disadvantages Of Social Media:

Reduction Of Live Interaction

Every people are engrossed in making the updates on social media. No one has the time for the family members all seem busy using their phones.

The most sufferer of social media is the children because on the half time the parents are busy in their work and in the rest time they get engaged in spending time on social media.

Increase The Rate In Cybercrime

Many people share their personal information on social media.  Even some of the people make the trust blindly on the cheaters.

Cybercrime is the same as the crime done in real life. Even there are hackers present in social media who hack the bank account and much other relevant information.

Health Issue

Many people get addicted to social media. It not only harms the eye but the person understand mentally distressed.


If the human makes the wise use of social media, it can be proved a blessing. Otherwise, it will not take time to become the massive weapon of destruction.

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